Who we are

DSG Performance started in 2008 as a dream shared by two friends who shared a love and passion for all things automotive. Starting our company in the midst of recession taught us the grit and willpower necessary to succeed, much like what it takes to build the show and race winning vehicles our customers put together. We launched our company with the belief that we could impact the aftermarket industry with a fresh take on customer service and a forward-thinking focus on technology and logistics that would give us the competitive edge to stay ahead of the curve in the ever evolving world of the aftermarket industry.

What we do

DSG Performance is one of the pioneer automotive performance parts company who operates in both the USA & Canada, serving customers all throughout North America & worldwide. Our unique logistics allow us to offer our Canadian customers a true domestic shopping experience, opening access to hundreds of thousands of parts without the cross border duties, fees or higher prices that are often associated with shopping online. While customers in the USA benefit from items shipping from one of many shipping locations in the USA, for the fastest possible delivery times of in stock parts.

Our website is integrated directly with our vendors data allowing for real time display of inventory and fitment data so you know which parts fit your car, and when they are available. Ever expanding, our goal is to constantly remain a leader in e-commerce innovation so that we always offer our customers the cutting edge in their shopping experience.

For Turn-Key Build Services or if you just need suggestions on parts, our team is built and dedicated to help you. Friendly, knowledgable and enthusiasts just like you - we have experts who can lend support in making sure you get the parts you are looking for. Whether you are into racing, show & shine, overlanding, need a turn-key build or you just want a new set of wheels - we have parts for performance vehicles, jeeps, trucks, SUV's and more. We've got you covered.


Our values

To be FOREVER DRIVEN: To constantly strive to do better, be faster & more capable. We do not believe the race is ever done. We believe in constant personal growth, learning from our past mistakes and striving to improve every facet of our company and our customer service. We appreciate each and every individual customer who comes our way as it is you who drives us forward.


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