ADRO Hyundai Veloster N Carbon Fiber Front Lip V2 (Type A)

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ADRO Hyundai Veloster N Carbon Fiber Front Lip V2 (Type A)

The ADRO carbon fiber V2 front lip will perfectly accent all of the aggressive lines of the front bumper of the Veloster while providing a slight increase in downforce and a way more menacing look. This front lip is made from real handcrafted carbon fiber to provide the strongest and lightest lip kit currently available for the Veloster platform. This is one of 2 carbon fiber lip kit styles for the Veloster N, this one being called the type A. This is the less aggressive front lip of the two that provides a subtle extra accent to the front of the Veloster that seems to perfectly compliment the red grille inserts and aggressive aero of the factory bumper.


  • Compatible with:
    • 2022 Hyundai Veloster N2021
    • Hyundai Veloster N2020
    • Hyundai Veloster N2019
    • Hyundai Veloster N
  • Material: Wet carbon fiber
  • Dimensions: TBA
  • This kit includes: Carbon fiber front lip Type A
  • What’s in the box:
    • 1 Carbon fiber front lip
    • Hardwar
    • Installation manual
  • Version: V2 Type A
  • Installation Guide:Veloster N Installation Guide

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